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Dominique & Muriel

settled in the heart of the old fishing villagof

and dropped anchor in a prow-shaped little piece of land to build



"Our new home is for the 3 generations of our extended family, to get-together

but also a home for our guests to relax & taste a little piece of seaside heaven... "


*Amahe stands for the first initials of each of their 5 children



"We strive to do our little bit for our planet"

Our guests sleep in pure linen bed linen ; flax grown, dyed and made up in Normandie, all on the same farm

See you by Dominique's vegetable garden for salads, blueberries, parsley, green beans, tomatoes... and maybe this year, we shall harvest strawberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes and apples!

We walk every morning to the Fournil du Port, to grab a fresh baguette and pure butter croissants, for our guests

Simply “homemade” cooking (even the salted butter!) with fresh seasonal & local produce, where possible.

Small bathroom bins, which Muriel has had made in Piriac out of fabric that she coated - no more plastic bags!

Unbleached paper and compostable napkins and tea bags




Dominique & Muriel's new home is not only well mannered but it is

a unique blend of art, food enthusiasm and zest for life

Like a cabinet of curiosities,

Villa Amahe is full of "Objets de Caractère"

that Dominique & Muriel spend their spare time

unearthing wherever the wind takes them.


Guests of the Villa d'hôtes will be able to appreciate

some objects, ceramics or paintings

which are thoughtfully on show, some for sale

No staging here. . .  just life as it comes!

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